Class Portraits
You will need: Oval Chinet paper platters drawing/painting materials brad fasteners background mounting paper animal research materials Have each child choose one of Miss Bindergarten's students or choose a favorite animal whose name starts with the same letter as their's. Draw and paint a portrait of the animal directly onto the plate or draw on a separate sheet of paper, cut out and glue in place.

Think about how large each animal is. Will it fill up the whole space, like Emily the Elephant, or just a little like Vikki the Vole? Be sure to paint the backgrounds "School Portrait Blue" and don't forget to include teacher(s) and any class pets.
examples of artwork done by Milwaukie First and Second graders at Ardeuwald School
Mount the portraits, using the brads, on the big sheet of backing paper. You can arrange your portraits in alphabetical order, as on the poster, or devise another arrangement to suit your class.

Bead Salt Dough

1 cup cornstarch 2 cups (1 pound) baking soda 11/4 cups cold water
Combine ingredients in a saucepan.
Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly so no lumps form.
Cook until mixture is moistened and has the consistency of mashed potatoes!
Place in a bowl and cover with a damp cloth. Knead dough when cool enough to handle.
Color with liquid watercolors, cake decorating dyes food coloring or leave white to contrast. The dough can also be painted when it is dry. Form into beads.
Use the bead designs in A String of Beads or invent your own. Make the holes by poking beads with a toothpick or a nail, or roll the beads around a straw or a pencil. Let dry for several hours until hard.
Have Fun!

Pasta Beads

Wagon wheels, rotelli, macaroni... any pasta with a hole can be a bead!
Dye pasta by dipping in a strong solution of food coloring, cake decorating dye, or liquid watercolor, thinned with rubbing alcohol.
Let dry and string on yarn, twine, or skinny, black elastic cord. Dry pasta beads can be brushed with clear nail polish to make them shine. Alternate your pasta beads with beads made from dough or inexpensive plastic beads.
Some Stringing Tips: Wrap scotch tape around your yarn or cord to make a stiff "needle" to poke through the bead. Make a different "needle" from a pipe cleaner twisted at one end into a small loop. Thread the yarn through as if it were a needle. Always tie a knot or an extra bead to the tail end of your string!

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten
1. 100-Day Punch
10 cans Lemon-Lime pop
100 Maraschino cherries
100 ice cubes
Mix together and enjoy!

2. Heavenly 100-Day Hash
Pick 10 pieces from each bowl of:
cereal-o's, pretzels, marshmallows, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, chocolate chips, banana chips, cereal pillows, and popcorn.
Mix together and enjoy!

3. Newspaper Hats
1. Fold a newspaper hat like the one in the book.
2. Mark off a paper strip with 100 hash marks in groups of 5.
3. Staple to brim of hat.
4. Decorate with a Day 100 banner, ribbon, or badge.

4. 100 Segment Worm
You'll need:
  • 80 strips of 2"x7" green paper for Ones
  • 10 strips of 2"x8" red paper for Fives
  • 10 strips of 2"x9" yellow paper for Tens
    (All strips should be tapered from 2" to about 1 1/2")
  • Blue tail and head segments
    Arrange in a curvy worm shape and number with digits, words, or both.

  • 5. 100 Hanging Hearts
    Cut out 100 big, red, pink, and purple paper hearts.
    Punch a hole in, and attach a string to, each one.
    Write a number sentence about a student on each heart.
    Hang from your ceiling or create a mobile.


    6. 100-Block tower(s)
    Use 100 blocks to build one or more towers.
    Miss Bindergarten makes 3 towers and builds the number 100!

    7. 100 Day Posters
    Ideas include:

  • "I Could Eat 100..." or "What I will look like when I'm 100 years old..."
  • 100 finger and toe prints from 20 hands and feet
  • Use a stamp pad to make a design with 100 thumbprints or noseprints!

  • 8. Decorate Yourself!
    Miss Bindergarten pins on 100 ribbon-bows, but you could wear a blouse or apron decorated with 100 buttons, a checkerboard skirt with 100 numbered checks, or a necklace of 100 beads.


    9. A Little and A Lot
    Compare 100 uncooked kernels of popcorn with 100 popped ones,
    100 flat balloons with 100 inflated balloons,
    or 100 tiny alfalfa seeds with 100 sprouted ones.

    10. String 100 Beads
    Use "real" beads or make your own from salt dough, dyed pasta, cereal, or life-saver gummis. Think of many different patterns and ways to string 100 beads:
    String in groups of 2, 5, 10 and 25.
    String in repeating sequences by size, color, or shape.
    String in a rainbow pattern to match Miss Bindergarten's rug!

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